Individual and group coaching for creative, open-minded women who have experienced a painful transition in career, family or relationships and are ready to step into their innate power and create an emotionally balanced life of love, compassion and purpose.

Hi I'm Rachel G and I am excited that we have found each other!

I inspire and empower women world wide to live authentically from the heart and choose a life of love, healing and compassion, activating the innate power within, to manifest an abundance of joyful living.

As we grow stronger and expand, we root and ground deeper into out true self becoming as a tree bearing bountiful, beautiful fruit. In connecting to our mind bodyand spirit, we are healing our self and one another.


  2. Are you ....

Questioning who you are, as you sense a loss of identity?

Lacking purpose in your life, uncertain which direction to go?

Feeling unsupported, unseen and unloved by those close to you?

Experiencing anxiety, fearing the unknown tthe transition brings with it?

Seeking answers and meaning of your life path?


Then it's time to find yourself, more of who you truly are.

Time to step into your innate power, and align with your authentic expression.

Time to love, trust and accept yourself unconditionally.

Time to create an emotionally balanced life of love, compassion and purpose.




I am my greatest achievement. I've transformed my self -rejection relationship into one of self love which I am truly am proud I can say!

Instigated through two major life transitions, I know the ingredients needed to authentically love yourself, and it begins here. With much love I have created this PDF to help answer What is self love? What does it mean to practice it? How do you begin ? How does that look through a transition?

PDF Contains:

  1. The 7 self -healing reflections on how to transform pain into self growth.
  2. The 12 stop/start guidelines to self love.
  3. A guide to move through transition with strength, gratitude, and compassion
  4. A self care challenge, self love prompts
  5. The 8 "it's ok" to give yourself permission do these things for yourself
  6. The 5 important mindset shifts you need to
  7. make.
  8. A guided visualization to step into the energy of your authentic self.



Relationships, Family, Career

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The experience of going through a major life transition such as a relationship break up, shifting career, a breakdown, even moving country, it's never easy. It is painful letting go of a past self identity! With a lack of love for yourself, it will feel paralysing and can threaten your mental and emotional health.

To avoid feeling stuck and to truly move forward in life, you need to ACKNOWLEDGE and EMBRACE with LOVE your current identity, your past self, and everything in between.



*Created with love from all my personal heartbreak experiences and lessons learned in transition to nourishing a whole and emotionally balanced and loving relationship with myself and life!

"Working with Rachel is very healing, it felt like I was taken out of darkness and brought back into the light"

"I had difficulties with setting boundaries and always feeling guilty if I chose for myself. It left me feeling powerless, mad at myself, inadequate, and shameful. Rachel helped me find ways to love myself, including what I perceive as my flaws. Seeking a big change and shift in my life, my experience with Rachel has been more transformational than other previous coaching or modalities I have used. Every session helped addressed my blocks and challenges. Learning to love myself and my emotions in a new ways has helped me be brave, bold and motivated in taking on new and challenging tasks, which previously I would never have been able to overcome. Today I am successfully enjoying Tango dancing with my husband, starting doing stand up comedy, and my work relationship with my boss, family, and friends have improved and I am more disciplined, believe more in myself and I don’t apologize as much as I used to".

Lizelle Gutierrez



You struggle with paralyzing self-doubt, sabotaging procrastination, and anxiety attacks which have you feel isolated and stressed. I help you love, accept, and reconnect to your truth, through shadow work and healing your inner child.

You feel consistently misunderstood by your partner, family, and friends and leaves you feeling insecure, frustrated, annoyed and doubting yourself. I help you know yourself and greatly improve your relationships.

You feel overwhelmed as if there is no time for yourself because you find it difficult to say NO to others, and feel the need to do everything perfectly. This leaves you struggling with feelings of resentment and guilt. I help you care for your needs and build healthy boundaries

You feel hopeless. Your "WHY" for STARTING OVER is lost in the never ending negative self-talk and constant worry of not feeling good enough, or talented enough to do what it takes to be successful. Your lack the enthusiasm for life you once had. I help you rekindle your purpose and meaning so you wake up every morning feeling energized.

You struggle in silence with fear of success, rejection, or failure. Afraid to acknowledge it, too frightened of being judged to tell anyone, feeling completely alone and like no one would understand. I help you uncover the core issue, gain a new understanding and perspective, so you can overcome your fears.

You struggle with perfectionism and imposter syndrome. I help you identify your triggers and provide tools to help bring you back into a place of calmness.


Deep down you know the answers you seek lie within. The universe guided you here because your soul knows I can help you grow your spiritual self.

I love encouraging awakened souls like you to live your own truth.

Your True Self is you in your most beautiful and powerful form. It is the authentic self which is the part of you that is unconditioned, without all the patterns and coping strategies. My wholeness approach to coaching is about re-connecting to your inner source by listening to what your body has to say.

Via shadow work and inner child work using a coaching method called inner dynamics, we identify your inner core wounding. These are internal blocks that prevent you from tapping into your full potential.

You will be empowered to love and have more compassion for all of who you are and become your very own “best friend” which will help you to let go of other people’s opinions about you. This opens an inner space that allows you to listen to your own truth so you can experience inner freedom and happiness.

Noticing that everything you need you can give within yourself you no longer have to search outside to feel fulfilled and you will feel more relaxed. You are the source of the love and happiness you seek and having this awareness you reclaim your power and begin to create the life and soul family you so desire.

"I see myself from a different perspective"

"I am honored to have worked with Rachel. She's a steady and calm coach. I felt she connected with me in a deep way. Rachel helped me see myself from a different perspective that helps me understand myself better, and most importantly I was able to work more on building trust within myself. Experiencing inner dynamic coaching helped me get in touch with my feelings and how those feelings felt in my body. I also liked the visualization exercises where I was able to get in touch with my desires and the possibilities that are waiting for me. I no longer need to seek external validation as I give permission to myself to live a life that ‘s true for me. Rachel, thanks for being you"

Marian Villa- Blackman Finland

Empowered to llisten more to my heart and less to my head.

“Before coaching, I felt alone. Helpless with my struggles, slowly feeling I was slipping into a downward spiral of bad habits, lack of self-care and negative thinking. Ashamed to share with anyone how I was feeling. Initially, I was hesitant and distant in the coaching but my trust grew with each session and especially after my real breakthroughin realizing how much I ignored my heart, getting caught up in my mind. I am thankful to Rachel. I made real progress committing to myself, working on my mindset. Rachel is not all sugar honey ice tea, she is honest and tough if necessary. I definitely will continue to work with Rachel. She is my safe anchor in case I slip off my path of self-improvement. Coaching opened me to share my struggles, understand how my mind tricks me and experience the power of being disciplined in my actions. I feel re-empowered to love myself and not believe everything my mind is telling me! I would recommend Rachel to anyone caught up in negative thought patterns and wants to break out of this vicious circle!”

Kasia Kowalska, Luxeburg


A spiritual awakening I believe happens because a part of us knows it's time, time to grow up and into our truth and out of our limiting beliefs developed about ourselves during our childhood years. Our earliest childhood experiences created from how we have interpreted what we have seen, what we have heard, and what we have felt, determined our limiting beliefs. These "moments in time" experiences, formed stories, that our minds captured and which imprinted in the body.

Your life story is deeply rooted in beliefs. Beliefs that continue to define “who you are”. The wonderful thing about life, your life, is every story you have, you get to decide the kind of story it will become as it unfolds. You are the one with the power. You can rewrite new meanings to past events that reflect truths that empower you to move forward and upwards, not meaninsgs that reflect lies and disempwer you and keep you stuck in the past.

Let me help you create a life of love!

"Express Freely with Confidence"

"I've become an expert in recognizing, embracing, and reacting upon what my emotions tell me. I've learned to open up, to direct my emotional response towards my goals, to enjoy intimacy, and realize what is important for me in a relationship, and much more"

Ivona Stockholm, Sweden

" A totally new outlook on my past experience"

I have a totally new outlook on past experiences. I have the strength and knowledge to move forward effectively. I have insight into what was holding me back. I can review and make better decisions for my family and I have a new view on my 'Why'. I am excited to keep putting this work I 've learne into action.

Ruth, Wales UK