Helping You Live Your Truth

You are not broken and you don't need fixing - you need to only plug back in and unlock you and your truth.

Do you feel lost, lonely, and disconnected from your life?

I help you love, accept, and reconnect to your truth, healing your inner child.

Do you feel consistently misunderstood by your partner, family, and friends which leaves you feeling frustrated and annoyed?

I help you know yourself and greatly improve your relationships.

Do you feel there is no time for yourself because you find it difficult to say NO to others, and feel the need to do everything perfectly? Which leaves you struggling with feelings of resentment and guilt.

I help you care for your needs and build healthy boundaries

Do you feel a lack of enthusiasm for life? Living with a void inside which you try to fill with something such as food, shopping, alcohol, Netflix binge-watching, social media, sleeping?

I help you find purpose and meaning so you wake up every morning feeling energized.

Do you struggle with fear of success, rejection, or failure?

I help you uncover the core issue, gain a new understanding and perspective, so you can overcome your fear.

Do you struggle with anxiety and overwhelm?

I help you identify your triggers and provide tools to help bring you back into a place of calmness.

" A totally new outlook on my past experience " I now feel I have a totally new outlook on my past experiences and have the strength and knowledge to move forward effectively. I have insight now into what was holding me back, so I can review this and make better decisions for my family and I. I have a new view on my 'Why' and I am excited to put all of this work into action. Ruth, Wales UK

It's time to reconnect, heal and grow you and I'm here to help you achieve that 🤗

Be the seeker of your truth

I know that you know the answers you seek lie within. You’ve been guided here to my webpage, how super is that! It's a sign from the universe that your soul is ready for further spiritual growth.

As a spiritual growth coach, I specialize in inner dynamic coaching. I help you live your truth and build a loving relationship with yourself through understanding and developing the creative emotional spiritual being you truly are.

At some point during our lives, there comes a moment in which we start to have a feeling of waking up, waking up to the possibility that there is more to life, to who we are than what we have been experiencing up until that point.

We decide it's time to show up and pay attention to what really matters in our lives and begin to walk our own path.


Know yourself better by digging deeper around what stops you from going for your dreams.


Setting direction



Understand and integrate the "part" of you that feel disconnected, lonely, empty, and lost so you can heal and

Feel a newfound inner peace

Become emotionally Intelligent

Increased confidence and energy


My intention is to bring answers, raise self-awareness and build knowledge in the articles I write on the following areas

Self-sabotaging behaviour

Emotional Intelligence

Living mindfully

   INner child Healing  

"Express Freely with Confidence"

"I've become an expert in recognizing, embracing, and reacting upon what my emotions tell me. I've learned to open up, to direct my emotional response towards my goals, to enjoy intimacy, and realize what is important for me in a relationship, and much more"

Ivona Stockholm, Sweden

Find the truth within your story

A wake up happens because a part of us knows its time, time to grow, to really grow up and out of the human limiting beliefs we have developed about ourselves during our childhood years.

Our earliest childhood experiences are created from how we’ve interpreted what we've seen, what we‘ve heard, and what we’ve felt.

They are experiences of moments in time that have formed stories captured by the mind and imprinted in the body. A story deeply rooted in the form of beliefs, beliefs which continue to define “who we are”.

The wonderful thing about life, your life, is it’s your story and you get to decide what kind of story it is and how it will continue to unfold.

You have the power within to rewrite new truthful meanings of past events and choose new empowering beliefs as you move forward.

Let me help you seek your truth!


I believe that information can change a person’s life forever. Sometimes the power held within a single sentence can trigger a Ha-ha moment, an epiphany, strong self-insight, a healing of the heart. Words have the capability to transform our perspective in a profound way.

And that is what I strive to do – to catalyze deep changes within you by providing you with:

◆ Soulful articles
◆ Deep personal insights based on my experience
◆ Helpful guidance for your growth
◆ Tried and tested personal growth tools

Free for you to absorb and digest in your own time. I hope my emails will help bring a freshness of clarity in an otherwise daunting ocean of spiritual confusion. I know how disorienting the inner path can be.

Breath in clarity, breath out peace.