Hi, I'm Rachel!

I am a loving soul with a big heart and a pot full of compassion for myself and others, as navigating this human life is not always easy and simple.

I am proud to say that I love being me and hanging out with me because I didn't always feel this way about myself or my life. There was a time when actually I spent most of my days, rejecting myself, my life and others on some level. Choosing to heal and accept myself transformed my life!

Today I am a certified ICF coach, certified life coach, certified practitioner of hypnotherapy, belief clearing practitioner, and a reiki practitioner.

I offer you a safe and loving space in which you can explore, discover and empower yourself to fully step into your full potential and start living a life you love and to do what you came here to achieve.

Maybe you have or are experiencing a spiritual awakening after a painful break up or transition in career, family, or relationships thats ignited a strong desire and curiosity to want to reach a deeper understanding and connection with yourself. You desire to live a life that is authentic and fulfilling.

As your coach, teacher, guide/mentor, I support you in letting go of an outdated version of you and encouraging the unfoldment of your true self. With an unshakable faith that has you no longer seconding doubt yourself (to the point it keeps you feeling stuck and unable to move forward) when the more challenging times in life happen.

Strongly rooted and grounded in LOVE FOR yourself , you can weather any storm.

Know yourself is to heal and accept yourself

I know what it's like when you "wake up" to reality. You can feel empty, disconnected, and different. A "part" of you senses it is time to connect to your true self whcih fears you slightly. My spiritual journey was to take me on a self healing & accepteance path. To stop rejecting myself and learn insteas to love myself. If someone had told me that there would be a day when I could look in the mirror and say "I love you" to myself be confident with my flaws, be compassionate with myself when making a mistake, quieten my inner critic and judge when they get too loud, and be OK feeling all my emotions, it would of been hard to believe. I would have rejected the idea completely. My deep desire to know myself was what made it possible and in reach.

Through shadow and inner child work, I made big breakthroughs and huge leaps in my growth and understanding of who I am and why I did what I did on a much deeper level, and what truly makes me come alive. I keep healing. Healing wounds around the fear of rejection and loss. Heavy layers of sadness, pain, shame, and chronic self-doubt have lifted. My journey thought continues. I walk a much lighter and brighter path becuase I am connect to love, not fear.  

My top value in life is taking care of how I FEEL. How I feel is a matter of priority. I have learned to communicate and set boundaries without feeling guilty because I know that setting boundaries is respectfully loving myself.

Working with different parts of myself, I came to truly see and understand that there were "parts" of me still caught in negative stories about things which had happened to me. They were "parts" that still felt invisible, misunderstood, not accepted, even a failure to some degree. They lived in the past, influencing my present, that contine to affect the future.

My Mission is inspiring and empowering women to live authentically from the heart and choose a life of love, healing and compassion.

My passion is encouraging women to "Know thy Self" and develop "True Self Mastery".

My medicine is transforming inner worlds into loving, compassionate, safe, and non-judgemental spaces.

My message is as we grow stronger and expand, we root and ground deeper into our true self becoming as a tree bearing bountiful beautiful fruit. In connecting to our mind body and spirit we are healing our self and one another.

🌞 Choose to get out of your head and into your heart.

🌞 Take the decision and act.

🌞 Start embracing uncomfortable feelings.

🌞 Move your needs from the bottom to the top of the list!