It's time to put you first!

Do you sometimes feel angry and resentful because you feel taken advantage of?

Do you seem to always put other people's needs before your own?

Do you often feel like you need to defend yourself?

Do you feel like you've lost your voice?

Do you let others define you?

Feel guilty for saying NO?


Then it's time to get empowered and put YOU and your needs first!

Setting healthy boundaries can be a struggle, which is why I have put together this coaching package. I know how important they are for your self-esteem and how much better your relationships will be with boundaries. I want that for you. You deserve it. Your needs matter.

It's your time to focus on making improvements to your emotional wellbeing and generate healthy more authentic relationships, not only with others but with yourself!

This coaching program will help you discover....

How you can tap into inner resources that will support setting healthy boundaries.

How you can find the truth behind why you allow unhealthy boundaries.

How to express confidently your needs and stop repressing them.

Create the right motivation to support setting and maintaining healthy boundaries.

Incorporate self-care practices essential to sustain personal boundary settings.


5 coaching sessions - 90 mins

Recordings of sessions

Email check-ins from me for extra support & questions you may have.


Discount on further extra coaching sessions

Cost: €476

The five coaching sessions empower you by...

Having a tool to feel confident at any time you wish to help with setting and enforcing healthy boundaries

Understanding the root cause for setting and not setting boundaries

Having clear limits and rules to get more of what you want and less of what you don't want and up level all relationships.

Uncovers your way of thinking which stops you from enforcing healthy boundaries.

A motivation strategy that moves you in the direction you want to go to.

Gaining increased energy, peace of mind and a positive outlook so you can be more present with others and show up for them because you want to.


Relationships improvement

Self-love & self-compassion empowerment

Increased energy and decreased anxiety

Improved self-awareness

I’m inspired to take better care of myself!

“Rachel’s Boundary Empowerment Coaching was exactly what I needed and great value. I’m inspired to take better care of myself! I was just out of an abusive relationship and didn’t trust myself to begin a new relationship as I was feeling out of control and unable to set boundaries. Working with Rachel is very easy, I felt understood and supported during every session. Rachel is not afraid to express her opinion and give advice around certain issues, which I appreciated. I’ve obtained a good understanding of what boundaries are and which boundaries I needed to establish. I have tools to identify when certain boundaries are crossed and how to connect to myself better so I understand the source of discomfort when it is happening. I’m able to monitor my boundaries better, feel confident when saying no, not feel guilty when putting my needs first, and moving away from my people-pleasing habits”. I recommend Boundary Empowerment Coaching to anyone who wants to take back control of their life, build better relationships and learn to put your needs first.”

Maria, Sweden

Comfortable to set boundaries and to speak my truth!

“Setting healthy boundaries was difficult for me because I found it difficult to put myself first. Instead, I would put other people’s demands/needs before my own. This made me feel powerless. I chose Rachel because she has a coaching package specifically for women empaths struggling with setting boundaries. I greatly enjoyed working with Rachel. She is kind, warm and compassionate. She helped me get to the bottom of any situation presented and provided strategies to overcome the difficulties in the situation, whilst providing great insight and empathy. The use of NLP tools helped me to understand and change my limiting beliefs and thought patterns. This experience was different from other experiences I’ve had in the past because it has created change in my life. I now feel more comfortable setting boundaries and speaking my truth. I feel more confident and hopeful for the future as I can now set boundaries from a place of love and acceptance. I already see the relationships in my life improving! Any women empaths struggling with setting healthy boundaries, I recommend working with Rachel.”

Ciara UK