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An introduction to holism

Our minds continuously communicate with our bodies. What our mind thinks, perceives, and experiences is sent from the brain to the rest of the body.

Our Spirit

While you may choose to use a different term to define the 'spirit,' at the deepest level our spirit is what gives us meaning and purpose in life. It’s where our intrinsic value resides. It's the core of who we are...our core identity.

Our Soul

Is made up of three parts — the mind, will, and emotions.

Our Body

It is with our bodies that we are able to be alive, to function and it’s with our bodies we connect to the outside world through our five senses: sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch.

Our Mind

Our mind consists of a Reasonable Mind, Emotional Mind and Wise Mind.

-  reasonable mind – you view the world rationally and pay attention to observable facts and phenomena.

-  emotional mind - you may experience an intense subjective state wherein logical thinking becomes difficult or cloudy.

-  wise mind - is the balance between the reasonable mind and the emotional mind… it is the middle way.The core sense of the wise mind involves a deep sense of intuitive knowing.

Our Will

This is our ability to choose. While we shall continue to find ourselves in situations that life throws our way where we are unable to control what is happening, we always have a choice! A choice in how we choose to react or respond to events that are unfolding at that present moment in time.

Our Emotions

Help let us know what it is we are focusing on and how that is making us feel which in turn is how we experience life.             It is therefore imperative that we be mindfully aware of what it is we are thinking.

The Connection Between Mind and Body

The quality of our life is directly influenced by the quality of our thinking. It’s a choice to what thoughts we choose to focus on and ultimately how we are going to feel as a result.

Connection Between Body and Spirit

Chi is the universal life source, it’s our energy, our drive...the reason why we get out of bed every morning. Through our physical bodies, we experience life, deep longings, desires and cravings which come from the spirit.

I believe we all need to come to the realization we are whole, we are enough, that everything we need exists within us.

Through unconditionally accepting who we are and being appreciative of the life that we have, we get to experience a life of abundance.

If on the other hand, we believe we are not whole, we're not enough and through judging and rejecting who we are, being ungrateful for what we have, we experience a life of lack.

Connection Between Spirit and Mind

Our beliefs live in our subconscious. They have become like “rules” to which we think are our best source of information on how to live our lives most effectively. Unfortunately, if we’re living our life from a place of lack, our beliefs will only be limiting us and remove us from really tapping into that true essence of who we are at our core.