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The three minds

There are three main parts to our mind with which we operate, they are the reasonable mind, the emotional mind, and the wise mind.

The reasonable mind (ego)

This "reasonable part " of our mind helps us to approach situations intellectually. It can often plan ahead and make decisions based on the facts. The ego weighs deeply on information and facts, sometimes to the detriment of productivity or effectiveness. The ego can often become stuck in opinion and debate. It is often uncompromising and likes rules.

The emotional mind (inner child)

The emotional part of the mind uses feelings to control our thoughts and behaviours. We may act impulsively and not consider the consequences that may occur as a result. Our inner child doesn't necessarily work with facts, but generally works on what it believes the truth is (beliefs), or a perception of truth, or merely a projection of what it thinks the truth might be.

The the wise mind (cores self)

The wise part of our mind is the balance between the rational and the emotional mind. It’s here we are able to recognize and respect our feelings, but do so by responding to them rationally and maturely. The core self is the place within which both the rational and the emotional mind can be upgraded. It's the part of us that can know and experience truth; it's where we just know something to be true or valid.

With inner dynamic coaching you learn to be in your core self during sessions. This ensures real transformational change to oneself.  

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