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Importance of self-love

Do you love all of you? ………I hear you quietly saying NO to yourself in your head!

I believe we all should be answering yes but for sure there are many of us who find it difficult to really fully love all of who you are. Sadly, it’s because we’ve forgotten the wounded child that still lives within us.

Is it not time to love all of you?

To begin loving all of who you are, you need to be willing to journey deep within and connect to different parts of you that make well you, you! To connect to the child that needs to be seen by you, S/he has an untold story, a story that S/he needs you to hear. And as this untold story unfolds a beautiful healing process of self-integration begins, bringing a new sense of wholeness to your being.

Self-love is so important because it is the core root of all love. When we are unable to love ourselves fully, we are also unable to fully give love to others or to receive love from others. Self-love is knowing that you are more than enough and confident in the belief that you are lovable and can love.

Thinking “I am not loveable” is a belief I once had and began when I was a small child and which manifested itself in an actual lack of self -love for myself growing up and into my adult life. If fact I spent a vast amount of years seeking love outside of myself, hoping to find somebody who would overturn this judgement I had about myself. But the truth be known, the only person who could actually ever change this belief was me.

Self -love means, accepting yourself just the way you are, committing to caring for your needs, remembering to be kind to yourself and living mindfully.

Without self-love, I was unable to love and enjoy being me. Unable to accept who I was, I adopted behaviours which lead me on a somewhat bumpy life path. Only when I made the decision to take time to explore who I was and begin to get to know my true self, did self-love to emerge.

When we lack self-love, we can feel…

  • misunderstood, unseen and not heard
  • needy
  • hypersensitive
  • defensive
  • constantly anxious
  • difficulties in expressing our emotions
  • we don’t measure up

As a small child, you absorbed many experiences with families, caregiver(s), peers, mentors, etc. Although you may not have had the words to describe your feelings about the experiences, they did become ‘recorded’ in your subconscious mind and body. Prolonged negative experiences wound your inner child, wounds that need an outlet to express themselves.