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Did you know your inner child influences your behaviour?

Making and keeping commitments to yourself is important because it builds trust. Like in any relationship, the relationship you have with your inner child is built on trust.

When you don’t keep your word with yourself, you internally breach your integrity. Do this too often you begin to distrust yourself and on a deep level, your inner child feels this. Unconsciously you begin adopting behaviours that although may work for a while, later become unhelpful.

We all have desires and dreams and for many of us, that's exactly how they stay. Why is this? Well, it basically boils down to an internal relationship. A part of you has these longings and desires which often stem from our inner child part. Another part of you needs to make the commitment to achieve these results is the adult part of you.

If your dreams or desires aren't coming to fruition it's because this internal relationship has not been nurtured, the inner child's needs pushed aside and forgotten. Growing up and into early adulthood, you've been subject to and experienced things that became imprinted on you and influenced whether you are now able to keep your word and make commitments with yourself.

You see so much of the things you struggle with, like having the confidence and courage to go and do bigger and bolder things is very much connected to your inner child.

S/he will either support you or hinder you.

S/he is creative innocent, curious, joyful, bold, playful and open but s/he can be impulsive and when s/he doesn’t trust you, s/he will sabotage you. Sabotage you in such ways as creating procrastination, and losing inspiration, motivation & momentum in your desires. And this happens because internally there is disconnection, and this disconnection is a result of not being true to yourself, your values or your word.

A lack of trust creates fear and fear creates coping strategies, such as procrastination.

With thoughts such as I might fail, I may succeed, or I shall be rejected, you become afraid of possible outcomes & consequences. Afraid of how you will judge yourself. So you distract yourself to avoid feeling what it is you're already feeling about yourself. Meaning you store unprocessed emotions in your body.

A lack of trust creates values conflict.

A values conflict is when you value two different things that seem to be opposing how you've been conditioned. You are afraid you may need to sacrifice something or lose something.

It's essential to diagnose why you are self-sabotaging. You have "fear" and "doubt" for a reason.

Both are signals that your inner child holds a wound. It’s an opportunity to seek out the limiting belief(s) you hold and lies you’ve been telling yourself, (in order to protect you from the original pain you felt as a child) so you can course-correct and get back into alignment with your truth.

When your inner child feels seen by you (the adult) and you've heard his/her untold story, your heart opens and a beautiful integration may begin. As you become more connected, the emptiness and loneliness fade away. You sense a new liveliness within you rising as you become more curious and joyful, you feel lighter and more playful.

Finally, s/he may once again participate on life's stage.