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To build self-confidence requires the risk of experiencing rejection.

How many of you live life avoiding rejection?

It is a primitive fear, one we begin to experience from a really young age. As children we want to be accepted by our peers, to belong to a group. Seeking approval becomes our objective at the sacrifice of speaking our truth. We spendmuch of our time either hiding or moving away from the risk of being rejected by others. Not being seen!

Our desire for connection as human beings is a basic need we all want. We want to belong. Evolving ourselves requires change and with change comes the likelihood that people will reject us.

It’s a reality we need to accept.

To seek the approval of others before our own, we are in fact rejecting ourselves! Emotionally, it’s far better to step into who we really are and give to ourselves the approval we seek. For all those persons who will reject us as we evolve, there will be an equal number of people who will approve. It’s a natural process of evolving, gradually shifting and merging into other likeminded groups.

Are you willing to risk losing approval?

To build self-confidence requires the risk of experiencing rejection. The idea of experiencing rejection is often vague and imagined on a huge scale. We refer to a mythical group of people called “they” or other groups and frequently use words such as: always, never, every, all, none.

For example: "Everyone will reject me", "they will hate me", "no-one will like it", "they will not react or care".

Imagine your life where rejection didn’t exist. Would you be a different version of who you are today? Rejection is mainly created in our own mind, we only feel rejection because of a thought we have/hold. That thought becomes a story and the story shall support the reason why not to take the risk. The risk of stepping out and revealing your true self. Consequently, we decide to live a life with a calling that is unanswered and where we feel unfulfilled.

Building self-confidence involves taking risks, taking the risk to share your ideas, your talent, and what you have to contribute to this world. It’s a worthwhile risk I'd say because you actually get to live the life you have been given as the whole you, and not a half you.

2020 brings an energy that is asking us to promote self-love and honor our true desires. To be examples to our next generation and show them confidence builds when we have the courage and will to be who we really are. To let the vulnerable parts of us be seen and heard.

It's a time to stop rejecting ourselves in order to prevent being rejected by others!