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Are your beliefs holding you captive?

We all have them they are a rule book by which we live our lives. They influence every part of our lives, including the choices and decisions we take, our perceptions, and reactions to any given situation, event, or person.

Belief systems are formed throughout life, but especially during the time from birth through early childhood.

Our beliefs get formed through experiences, deductions, by not questioning but accepting what our parents, peers or mentors told us to be true, according to their reality.

Certainly, our core beliefs around love and security are usually formed by the time we are four years old because love and security are the two areas necessary for survival.

Think of your brain as a belief engine. It is always seeking to find meaning in the information it is continually receiving. Important to understand is we first form a belief and only then do we begin to search for evidence to support the belief.

Our brain is invested in beliefs and will do it’s utmost to reinforce the beliefs through obtaining evidence, blinding itself to anything contrary. In other words, what you believe is determining your reality.

When we accept something to be a fact and form a belief about it, it gets deposited in our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind does not carry out a pre-check to see if the belief is true or false, as it doesn’t know or care. It simply stores the belief as a fact to be called upon later.

The subconscious mind is designed to be energy efficient and therefore works mainly on autopilot, which helps to make our lives easier and keeps us safe. Just imagine if your brain didn’t have this automated function to help with your actions and responses to certain situations. For example, looking both ways before crossing a road!

Many beliefs serve us well and can be empowering but there are also limiting beliefs that prevent us from pursuing and fulfilling our true potential. These beliefs hold us captive, inviting only negative thoughts and emotions in. Whereas empowering beliefs help us to be resilient, to see our truth, and invoke positive thoughts and emotions.

Beliefs have a very important role in the way in which we live our lives and yet most people are unaware of how their own beliefs (which mainly have been formed during childhood years) are impacting their adult life.

This happens because we have never taken the time to question and learn about why we believe what we do and ask ourselves: “ Is this a belief I want to continue believing?”. We all have a choice to believe what feels right and in alignment to what is true for us as an individual.

Getting to the root cause of how you came to form a particular belief, questioning whether it is fact, deciding if it is limiting you in some way and choosing if you truly want to continue to believe it or not will help open your eyes to the “cage” in which you have been living in for so many years.

Newfound freedom is waiting for you — you need only to be open to questioning your status quo.

"We can choose courage or we can choose comfort, but we can’t have both”. Brene Brown.

There is new-found freedom to be sought when you are you willing to challenge your status quo and go take a peek outside the cage in which for so long you have unknowingly been living in.