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Are you experiencing a spiritual wake up?

During these unprecedented times, you may well be experiencing a spiritual awakening or experiencing one of the many stages a spiritual awakening involves.

Spiritual awakening happens as our ego, for whatever reason, moves out of the driver’s seat and into the passenger seat. The ego consists of many parts that have been formed to protect the inner child part of us. Each part with its own set of behaviours/habits.

During your spiritual awakening, you begin to come more in touch with the part of you that is the observer, the core of who you are, or what Jung called Self.

For as long as you have known your ego has been running the show, protecting you the best way it can. The ego experiences itself as separate, as the “I”.

“I am (name)”

“I live in (country)”

“I believe (subject)”

The Ego always likes to be in a state of “doing” and “thinking” and its main objective is to survive. It feeds off negative thoughts and judgments and always has an appetite.

The Soul on the other hand always is in a state of “being” and “knowing” and its purpose is to express its authentically in a way that serves others.

A spiritual awakening is a process, not an overnight awakening. It unfolds in development stages and is unique to each and every one us. It involves going through a period of discomfort, sometimes referred to as the “dark night of the soul”, though I prefer to call it the “dark night of the ego”. For it is the Ego that is undergoing a change in form and integration.

Ten signals that you are spiritually awakening are:

1. There is a noticeable change in your behavior

2. There is a growing willingness to confront emotions like fear, anger, and guilt.

3. There is a slowing down being experienced and a need to understand yourself and your behavior more clearly.

4. There is a shift in your values and what you find priority.

5. There is a transformation within your inner world and a profound shift in how you think and feel.

6. There is a less need to label and see things as good or bad.

7. There is a growing sense of inner freedom

8. There is a growing willingness to be more honest with yourself and take responsibility. for your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

9. There is a change in your lifestyle choices.

10. There is a true sense of interconnection, a partnership with everything, the universe.