This is for all you creative souls

Welcome to a 4 week powerful and engaging introduction to creative visualization

Time to wake up to the power of aligning with your truth.


Has a lovely collection of mostly unread self-help books and/or incomplete personal growth online courses?

Is frustrated with your emotional yo-yo life, always trying to figure out which way to turn, leading to indecision and self-doubt?

Struggles to turn your dreams into doing because a part of you seems insistent on self-sabotaging?

Is fed up with minimizing yourself and pleasing other people first?

Knows, deep down, speaking your truth is what really matters?

Awakening your truth through creative visualization and evolve using imagination!






Weekly Facebook lives visualization journeys to connect you to your inner world. A place where truths are waiting to be revealed.

Weekly interaction and mentoring within the FB group designed to help unpack the energy dynamics at play, understand context, and illuminate truths.

Follow up tasks/exercises (optional) to help create clarity, find your voice, set or reinforce boundaries, amplify self-love.

An online private and intimate community of creative souls, where you get to enjoy both an individual and a group experience from the comfort of your home, anywhere across the world.

Recordings of the live meditations will be available throughout the program to listen to at your leisure when your schedule permits. You don't need to be available for the lives to join the group.

Step up and be the conscious creator you are.


Friday 4th September 2020 at 15:00

Week 1 - An inner journey exploring your body, emotions, heart/mind, and spirit.

Week 2 - An inner journey traveling into the future to meet your future self.  

Week 3 - An inner journey meeting with your inner child.

Week 4 - An inner journey connecting and integrating inner child, future self and present self.

Reveal what's been blocking you, gain clarity and see what's needed next to get you up and moving. These journeys are unforgettable and open the door to further healing.

Your Guide and Mentor

Pleased to meet you. My name is Rachel. I’ve always had a great imagination, and now I am professionally using it to coach creative souls who are waking up to themselves and seeking their truth. My specialty is inner dynamic coaching and a spiritual guide of inner world visualization journeys.

What that translates to is this:

I provide a safe, non-judgmental, and compassionate space for you to explore and evolve the potential within that's waiting to heal and burst into bloom.

This community is ideal for those not only seeking out their truth but also feel called to be change-makers in speaking truth with love.

Learn to love and acceptance all the different parts of you, while healing your inner child.

"Everything is Energy".

It's true

It's not "hokus pokus" it's - physics.

Match with the frequency of the reality you seek - it will become your reality!