A monthly theme to help raise your self-awareness, bring new perspectives, and know yourself on a deeper level.

Themes examples: inner child healing, self-sabotage, procrastination, fears of rejection, overwhelm, anxiety, communication, and more.


In the sessions, there will be a moment in which I guide you through a meditation or visualization to connect more with your inner being.


Each session there will be a chance to ask questions and have the opportunity to receive "live one on one coaching" from me.


Sunflower is a virtual group coaching space offering an affordable, safe, and loving environment to discover, understand, heal and grow yourself and be part of a supportive community of like-minded curious and creative women.


My purpose is to help evolve human wholeness. I am passionate about supporting people to continually evolve into the best version of themselves because we are all a work in progress during our time here on earth. I light up inside as I see people transform and emerge the more they tap into the power they hold within.

Our world is changing rapidly and humanity has reached a pivotal point in history. The alarm is ringing, it’s time to wake up and remember who we truly are.

I want to guide groups of individuals who are ready to walk their spiritual growth path and uncover their truth. My road to success is always under construction but I know in which direction I am heading. I am here to serve and hopefully make a difference in the world.

Teaching and coaching others, things that I have learned and continue to learn on my journey, and how to tap into and use your internal resources effectively, is why I want to begin the sunflower lounge.

It's time to be the creative creator and truly-live the life you came here to live.


Why not

I love what the sunflower represents and reflects. A symbol of happiness and optimism, always seeking and following the warmth and the light of the sun; where it gets it's source of growth and vitality from. Did you also know that when the sun isn't out, sunflowers turn toward each other? A super metaphor for being human. When we can't turn toward the light for whatever reason, turn toward each other to shine a light on them and it will be reciprocated.

It teaches us to seek our light, to tap into our source of truth, follow our hearts, grow tall, and feel our joy with what lights us up.

It holds as well a symbolic meaning for me in regards to my spiritual journey.

Only now when I look back on my life, can I see how all the dots connect and being guided by an unknown force to begin a journey of self-discovery, find self-love, self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, and grow into the truth of who I am.

Ready to grow and shine your light with me as your guide?


Sessions held every Monday in the month.

Live sessions held via zoom.

Registration only €25 and the session will be approximately 90 minutes.

Interested in attending "The Sunflower Lounge"?  

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