Hi, I'm Rachel G.

A Spiritual Growth Coach

I'm a caring and compassionate coach

I am a certified ICF coach, specializing in inner dynamic coaching. My specialty is guiding you through an inner journey of self-understanding and transformation. To help you accept and love all of what makes you uniquely you.

I love connecting women to their superpower - the child that still lives within.

I help you connect to your core self, communicate with the different parts of you, learn the roles they play in your life, upgrade their behaviours and heal the parts which still feel the wounds of the past.

I am also a certified life coach, certified practitioner of hypnotherapy, belief clearing practitioner and a reiki practitioner.

I understand you!

I know what it's like when there is a part of you that feels empty, disconnected and lonely.

It's also a "part" you feel deeply has an inner calling, yet you fear it right?

If someone had told me that I could look in the mirror and say "I love you" , still be confident with all my flaws, be compassionate with myself when I don't get things right, quieten my inner critic and judge when they get too loud, and be OK with feeling all my emotions was really something I believed was far out of my reach.

I decided to walk my own path and give myself a gift, the gift to get to know myself better and feel the emotions I had rejected in my life.

My biggest breakthrough was seeing, hearing and feeling the untold story of my child self.

It helped me to really understand who I am and why I do what I do on a much deeper level than traditional coaching. I’ve been able to heal wounds around the fear of rejection and loss. Heavy layers of sadness, pain, shame, and chronic self-doubt have lifted. Each day I continue to connect closer to my true self.

I know myself on a whole new level through gaining insights and understandings that I’ve never before been able to achieve. I have learned to attend lovingly to my needs before always putting the needs of others before myself, how to communicate and set boundaries without feeling guilty, understanding that setting and enforcing boundaries really is really very much about loving yourself.

Working with different parts of me, I came to truly see and understand that these "parts" of me were still caught up in their negative story about things that had happened to me, these "parts" still felt invisible, misunderstood, not accepted, even a failure to some degree. They were still living in the past but influencing my future and effecting my present.

My passion is Evolving Wholeness (within oneself) through helping the forgotten inner child find their voice and be seen so they can step out of the darkness and into the light. I believe with all my heart it's the missing piece of the puzzle in one's spiritual growth path.

My mission is helping women who feel disconnected, empty and lonely (as I did) to take a leap of faith, slip into their spiritual growth shoes and begin a journey of opening their hearts and seeing the truth of who they really are.

My medicine is helping women connect with themselves, to their inner child. To give their inner child the attention she so very much deserves needs. Empower healing within yourself.

My message to all women is when you integrate all parts of yourself, you STOP the suffering and begin to feel a sense of wholeness.

Make the choice to get out of being stuck in your head, to stop avoiding uncomfortable feelings, and putting your needs way down on the bottom of the list!

It's time to lead by example and show our children that their most important relationship is with themselves, to have self-integrity.


I believe that information can change a person’s life forever. Sometimes the power held within a single sentence can trigger a Ha-ha moment, an epiphany, strong self-insight, a healing of the heart. Words have the capability to transform our perspective in a profound way.

And that is what I strive to do – to catalyze deep changes within you by providing you with:

◆ Soulful articles
◆ Deep personal insights based on my experience
◆ Helpful guidance for your growth
◆ Tried and tested personal growth tools

Free for you to absorb and digest in your own time. I hope my emails will help bring a freshness of clarity in an otherwise daunting ocean of spiritual confusion. I know how disorienting the inner path can be.

Breath in clarity, breath out peace.
Enjoy my soul sister.

My commitment is empowering self-healing through

Mind, Body and Soul connection

Inner child integration




So women can

Feel good about themselves

Know their self-worth

Quit being hard on themself

Live a more mindful and fulfilling life

A spiritual path is a one of emergence and once on it, you're inspired to keep seeking more of who you are and who you can and will become!