Inner dynamics is a proven coaching process helping you meet and learn more about yourself. To understand how your life experiences have shaped you and created triggers which are the unhealed inner child wounds needing to be transformed into wisdom, talent, and abundance!

Many people who come to me, have tried many other modalities to heal and grow. Once they begin to work with their internal landscape (shadow work and inner child work) they often experience insights quickly, gain fast breakthroughs and turnarounds which didn’t take months and years. It can happen in weeks, days, even minutes.

ENDING INTERNAL CONFLICT is where freedom begins.

The key to healing yourself begins with ending the internal conflict. This internal battle sucks your energy, causes you to feel angry, frustrated, and depressed. There are parts of you that can be causing you to behave in negative and destructive ways. Ways in which you may struggle to understand. Procrastination for example really is only holding a person back from taking actions in alignment with thier truth.

The issue that develops is not realizing what actually is going on internally, and so you think you need to try even harder to either ignore, fix or push these parts of yourself away. All of which don't work because they are you, well a part of you. Not one part of you should ever be ignored, pushed away, or considered they need fixing. They need one thing only and it's to be UNDERSTOOD. Most problems occur when we choose to judge, hate, fear, or shame instead.

We all want to be loved, heard, and accepted, as do the different parts of you. When you stop and start listening, loving, and accepting them, they will no longer disrupt your life, they shall enhance it.


End your self-sabotaging behavior, procrastination, and many other negative habits.
Remove overwhelm, burnout, and the feeling of being stuck in your life.
Retrieve energy wasted on inner battles so you can once again feel vitality.
Unlock your innate gifts and feeling of abundance that shadow parts of you have been blocking.
Gain a new sense of clarity and confidence in the REAL YOU emerging.
Activate your inner knowing of self-worth so you ask for what you need, set and maintain strong boundaries, and strive for what you truly want out of life without shame, guilt, or blame.
Own and be in alignment your truth, each and every day fully loving all of you.
And really so much more…



We begin your journey by uncovering the unconscious patterns of fear and triggers which steal your power and your ability to create a life you personally and professionally only dream of.

I help you do this by shining light in the darker areas of your subconscious where protective parts of your personality live, operate, and which are often controlling many of your behaviors.

Discover the ‘council of masks and the deeper authentic energy that is trying to emerge from them.

I help you begin an inner dialog and vision process that allows the council of masks to actually become associates in creating the life you came here to live. You'll learn what each of them needs from you to heal, and how you get them working for you not against you!

As you begin to illuminate your inside world and reveal what’s really is going on, you are able to reconnect and reintegrate the abandoned, lost parts of you. Here is truly where some of your greatest gifts and talents reside. You will begin to notice the emergence of a new sense of power, clarity, confidence, and forceful purpose that goes beyond what you ever thought possible. Plus, your relationships will change both personally and professionally as you begin to interact from a new empowered place.

Imagine just for a moment what impact and possibilities this can have on your life.

While the focus is on all your main life structures, my coaching programs are also designed to be used as a template on any CORE AREA of struggle you may have. The template helps you receive prompt insights and breakthroughs in areas that CURRENTLY matter most to you.

You are having a relationship with everything in your life, including yourself, your most important relationship.

Always with you following you around, are parts of you that sometimes are referred to as the shadow self. The relationships you have with other people, especially intimate and ongoing relationships is where the shadow self frequently tends to make an appearance. It is also in these types of relationships that you feel your most intense emotions. It’s therefore important to understand and know why this projection and reflection process happens.

All your conflicts and dramas are actually playing out on the big screen within your mind which you project from all the various storylines you have stored in your subconscious. For this reason, we focus on rewriting your story and reforming your character so your inner light may shine and shine brighter than ever before. There are many benefits to the inner dynamic process. Improved relationships, more confidence, a new sense of clarity, able to speak your truth and step up and into your life without shame, guilt, and blame.

One of the most important parts of the inner dynamic work is understanding that it isn’t a one-time done deal. Of course, you are going to receive major breakthroughs and growth by experiencing this even just once but by starting an inner journey and connecting with all of who you are, you are in fact beginning a new kind of relationship with yourself. And as with any relationship, it requires trust which you need to build with yourself, and that asks you for patience and listening.

Our sessions together are intimate, safe, and healing. I help guide you to go deeper, deeper into your healing heart and programmed mind. Deeper into your greatest power, your inner wisdom. Your inner journey is unique and it is about activating your truth. Truth is a wholeness that can heal anything, regardless of what you’ve been through or are currently experiencing. Learning and embodying truth will elevate your vibration, deepen your own connection, and set you on your spiritual path of self-mastery.

Are you ready for the most rewarding journey you will ever take?