Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.

Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside, awakens. -Carl Jung


  1. Would you consider there are times when your emotions get in the way of your decision-making?
  2. Does it feel like you have the same negative patterns repeating themselves in your life?
  3. Are you frustrated with not knowing what is preventing you from achieving success at work?
  4. Are you struggling to understand why you can’t seem to achieve your goals?
  5. Do you question why your relationships aren’t as healthy as you want them to be?
  6. Do you feel you are always in search of happiness?
  7. Does it feel sometimes you are lost or without purpose?

You are not alone if you answered “yes,” to any or all of the above questions. It's being human. Emotions, biases, and your deeply rooted tendencies obstruct self-awareness, not to mention family dynamics, societal messaging, and cultural assumptions, all of which influence self-awareness. Becoming invested in knowing yourself on a much deeper level is a healing path to inner freedom which ultimately improves your quality of life.

All my self-help pdf workbooks are created with love and intended to support self-enquiry.



A 36 page downloadable PDF text and mp3 audio workbook. Includes three extra downloadable exercise workbooks.

BECOMING CURIOUS is a workbook intended to help you break down and understand the different layers not serving you well and which don't reflect your full potential. Having a greater understanding of why you think and behave the way you do, having more compassion for yourself, and being better able to manage your emotions is so needed now due to the current collective energies we all are feeling and experiencing.

With this workbook, you will discover your; unhelpful thinking style(s), coping strategy, fear-avoidance trap, and emotional suppression strategy. When you want to navigate your life more effectively and increase your self-confidence, this workbook is for you. It teaches you to have compassion and understanding for what you have experienced, and the power to rewrite your future!

A 50 page downloadable PDF text and mp3 audio workbook. Includes 5 downloadable visualization meditations.

AWAKENING YOUR TRUTH is a workbook where intention + focus + 5 guided visualization meditations (downloadable) are intended to help raise your self-awareness in order to transform yourself and your life. The workbook consists of powerful questions, guided meditations, and reflection exercises.

As we grow up and engage in life, often we unconsciously decide to put our truth aside and instead get pulled into someone else's truth or into what we observe and witness in our external world. Unconsciously we adopt an idea that everyone and everything outside of ourselves is more valuable than the truth which resides within and we simply neglect our truth. We stop listening, acknowledging, and believing in ourselves. This workbook plugs you back into your truth and is a doorway to opening the potential within awaiting to emerge.

A 70 page downloadable PDF text-only workbook. Includes an inner child hypnosis recording to download.

INNER CHILD WORKBOOK is intended to help you meet your wounded inner child. The part of you that is most insecure, scared, and holds feelings of shame. When you want to heal anxiety, depression, addictions, self-sabotage, resentments, and toxic core beliefs, it begins with healing your wounded inner child. Your core pain is connected to your childhood. Doing inner child work empowers you to dig deep and uncover your core wounding. Do you recognize if any of these statements?

I continually criticize myself for being inadequate. I’m a people pleaser and have no identity of my own. I feel like I really don’t know what I want. I’m driven to be a super achiever. I avoid conflict at all costs. I don’t know how to resolve conflicts with others. I either overpower my opponent or completely withdraw from them. I have an overdeveloped sense of responsibility. It is easier for me to be concerned with another than with myself. I hate being alone and I’ll do almost anything to avoid it. My most profound fear is the fear of abandonment and I’ll do anything to hold on to a relationship. I don’t really know who I am. I’m not sure what my values are or what I think about things.

Begin a journey that will help you experience life through new bright and fresh eyes. Ready to be courageous, honest, and dedicated to inner truth, then this inner child diary workbook is for you.

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Often we can feel discouraged or overwhelmed by life and in need of some words of encouragement to get by. Some days, things just may not happen the way you want them to. Maybe they fall apart, and you start to worry. Or worse, you feel discouraged and lonely, thinking that there is no other way to straighten things up. And you know, it is okay not to feel okay. It is part of being human. Having a balance between your positive and negative emotions is what matters. You need to feel weak so in order to be strong. Your success comes from your failures. But how do you get back on track? Simple: you need to have support and encouragement.


Whether you have received a recent setback or you’re experiencing the Monday blues, getting over that bummer of a day, or just finding it difficult to feel motivated, we all can use some words of encouragement to get us back in the game. Perhaps you’re going through a spiritual awakening, dealing with a loss, or going through a difficult time at work, or just trying to get through the curveballs that the pandemic has thrown your way. The intention with the audio messages or meditative teaching is to support, encourage and motivate you to manifest your best life (despite any chaos surrounding you).