Whether you have received a recent setback or you’re experiencing the Monday blues, getting over that bummer of a day, or just finding it difficult to feel motivated, we all can use some words of encouragement to get us back in the game.

Perhaps you are going through a spiritual awakening, dealing with a loss, or going through a difficult time at work, or just trying to get through the curveballs that the pandemic has thrown your way.

My intention with the audio messages and meditative teachings is about supporting, encouraging, and motivating you to help manifest your best life (despite any chaos surrounding you).


Level 1 - FREE - 1 x message per month ( uplifting and inspiring messages under 2 minutes)

Level 2 - PAID -   52 x weekly messages + Level 1 (encouraging and motivating messages)

Level 3 - PAID - includes 4 x meditative teachings + Levels 1 + 2  (meditative teachings recorded to music )

There are real psychological reasons why words of encouragement work.

We can all be plagued with negativity or struggle through one of many life challenges that we encounter. Hearing or reading words of encouragement or inspirational quotes really do help, in fact, they can change your life.

There is a long-held belief that criticism is the best way to motivate people rather than praise. I think we all get enough criticism from our very own permanent in-house critic, commonly referred to as the inner critic. I strongly believe in life’s balance and therefore an equal amount of encouraging words is also important. In fact, it has been proven that there is no stronger motivation than a positive attitude cultivated by words of encouragement.

Words of encouragement can help you to keep moving, making you achieve things you would not have thought possible on your own. They make you feel better and help dissolve self-doubt, build self-esteem which support in you loving yourself more.