At 35 years old, I had two failed marriages behind me, was living abroad, raising two boys, feeling stuck, hopeless, lonely and an all-round failure.

I did my best to show up and be happy in the presence of others but struggled with the negative mental chatter, overthinking things, not being good enough, avoiding uncomfortable emotions and generally being dissatisfied with myself

I had lost my "mojo"!

I wanted it I made a commitment to myself to go and find it again.

Once I realized my mind was the contributing factor to my own unhappiness, I knew I needed to stop searching outside myself to get my mojo back. Instead turn my attention to the way I was thinking, to my thoughts, how they were making me feel. I begin looking at the layers I had built around me, to understand who I was below this surface-level existence. It was time for me to become to get real and become more self-aware. To live a more mindful life.

The Quality of your life depends on how well you relate to your past and to your future

What did I do?

I became extremely fascinated with the neuroscience and how to rewire the brain, I researched on:

- Laws of the mind

- Mindfulness

- Emotional agility

- Happiness

- Self-worth

- Self-care

- Confidence

- NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)

- Energy healing

Exploring the different concepts, ideas, and methodologies, I began to notice a shift in my way of thinking and how I felt about myself.

When I lost my job unexpectedly, it knocked me down. The feelings of rejection once again were back and had hit me big time. However, it was during that moment of darkness I also had a moment of clarity - Coaching.  

Coaching is something that has always come naturally to me but never had I done it in an official capacity. There was my calling A calling to help other women, through coaching.

Without hesitation, I signed up for the iNLP center for their certified NLP Life coaching program. And I'm happy to say, it was truly an amazing journey. I have learned so many new tools, been coached by some super coaches, coached many women and been privileged to help them RECONNECT to their mind and body, find their voice and be with themselves in a more loving and compassionate way.

Spiritual Growth - healing

My spiritual path called for me to dive deeper into myself and explore parts of me that I knew still needed attention. Through exposing lies and revealing truths, I have been really able to connect to myself, learn who I truly am. My life path put me on a journey, a journey of healing, healing my inner child and my calling to help heal other women. I found my soul's purpose. My inner child healing was the doorway to really being able to connect to my truth, to my soul's purpose.

And now?

Now it's your turn.

What I've learned

- We are always evolving and healing.

- We have a choice of how we want to live.

- We can choose to live from a place of fear or from a place of love.

- Happiness exists only within our's not somewhere out there.

- The stories we tell ourselves....  shape who we are.

- Our inner child has an untold story that we need to hear.

- Your inner child wants to be seen and heard.

- We can update our stories, that help us lean into loving all of who we are.

- We can coach ourselves to quieten our inner critic/judge.

- To put our own needs first without feeling guilty.

- Feeling uncomfortable the doorway to healing.

I got my mojo back!

More of who I am

- I am imperfect and that's ok!

- I love the sun, sea, and sand.

- I love the smell of pine trees.

- I love looking at the stars at night! It feels like home.

- I love to laugh and have fun with family, friends, and clients.

- I am an AMBIVERT and an EMPATH

- I enjoy making paintings but they don't yet get to hang on a wall in my home!!

- I easily cry watching sad, happy, romantic, any sort of movie actually

- At 9 years old I was the fastest swimmer in my home town.

-If I could wish for one thing, it would be that I could sing!

First, believe and then you will see.....

- it is possible to feel good and love all of you, including your flaws.

- it is possible to feel confident and speak your truth without feeling guilty.

- it is possible to reduce and manage your anxiety.

- it is possible to step into and overcome your fear.

- you can stop comparing yourself and know your self-worth.

- you can stop putting so much pressure on yourself trying to get it perfect all the time.

- you can find your purpose and follow your heart.

- it's your time to show up, proud and confident and love yourself to a happier and successful new you!