My Services

My coaching services are a blend of life coaching, inner dynamics (parts work), creative visualizations, mindfulness teachings, meditation, and reiki, but always customized to your needs and your goals where and when necessary.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss payment plans, please reach out to me via the "let's connect" button above.

30-minute free inquiry call

This a perfect chance for us to get to know each other and how we feel we relate to each other when talking 1-1. This is an important part of the pre-coaching process. You are able to get a feel for my personality and coaching style and share with me what you particularly would like to work on. It also allows me the opportunity to feel whether we would be a good fit for each other. I very much recommend an inquiry call to all who are seeking or considering coaching.

I promise there is no hard sell involved! I only work with people who feel ready and want to work with me and vice versa.


Do you feel the need to experience a coaching session before choosing to commit to one of my programs? If so, I offer a single coaching session. They are intended as a one-time-only offer for those who have been on an inquiry call with me. I do not offer continuous one-off single payment coaching sessions as a payment option because it lacks the commitment and accountability that coaching requires to be a successful transformational experience. I do however offer a minimum block purchase of 3 x life coaching sessions.

Includes: Audio recordings of session(s)

Price - €115


These single sessions are intended for those who have already purchased an inner dynamic coaching package but feel the need for some extra sessions (up to a max of 5 single payment sessions) to addon to a currently enrolled or completed program.

Purchasing a set of either 6, 8, 10, or 12 block sessions you will receive a 10% discount off the price per session.

Includes: audio recordings of sessions

Price - €230


This is the full monty. Three offers in one.

It consists of the life coaching starter pack and 12 inner dynamic coaching sessions as well as receiving 4 distant reiki sessions which helps your transformation process by shifting negative energy stored in the body. See individual packages for more detail.

Includes: 4 x 60-min + 12 x 120-min coaching, 4 x 30-min distant reiki, audio recordings of sessions, email check-ins from me for extra support & questions you may have, online Inner child diary workbook course, and 10% discount off further coaching sessions.

Price - €2,869


Are you ready to be your very own best friend and know and trust yourself on a whole new level? Then the starter inner dynamics coaching package is for you.

The coaching program guides you into your inner world, to gain a deeper understanding of yourself. Each coaching session you experience an inner journey to help you learn about the different parts of you that make you, well you. You will connect and experience what it's like to be in your core self, and uncover different parts of you, their roles, purpose, and wounding. You begin to rewire your brain as you process your thoughts and feelings. I help raise your awareness, understanding, and bring acceptance in to help the different parts of you to move out of the past and reintegrate into the present.

I support you with incorporating new behaviours and habits that support self-realization, deepen spirituality, and allow you to break free from limiting beliefs and pursue goals that are aligned with your truth.

Includes: 6 x 2hr sessions, audio recordings of sessions, email check-ins from me for extra support & questions you may have, online inner child diary workbook.

Price €1,169


Feeling you want to get up and move on from where you feel stuck, lost, or empty? Then this starter life coaching pack is for you.

To kick start the process I help you identify your personal core values using a values assessment and visualization process. You will gain clarity on where you currently are and what you wish to achieve with the get-up & move on assessment, and get specific about the outcomes you want to achieve in relation to the identified obstacles you need to overcome. To help in the process we identify the disempowering beliefs and thought patterns that are keeping you currently feeling stuck.

Includes:4 x 60-minute sessions, support & exercises to integrate and apply your new learnings, audio recordings of sessions, email check-ins from me for extra support & questions you may have.

Results: You will have a solid vision of what you want to achieve, your very own personal values map, a greater understanding of what's stopping you, and why improved self-awareness moving you forwards towards your goal. Increased energy and decreased anxiety

Price - €460