Inner Dynamic Coaching

Ready to be your very own best friend and know and trust yourself on a whole new level.

These programs start at 3 months long, designed to guide you towards healing, reflection, and self-acceptance.

My programs are a blend of life coaching, mindfulness teachings and meditation practices customized to you and your goals.

Sessions are usually between 90 min and 2 hrs.

A three-month program consists of 16 coaching hours.

The process consists of three components…

Seek -together we meet different parts of you that make you well you, including your core self and learn about each of the part's role and purpose.

Heal -Together we’ll process the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of the parts and help them move from the past and reintegrate into the present.

Transform -Looking at your specific life and goals, I’ll coach you through mindfulness practices that support self-realization, deepen spirituality, and allow you to break free from limiting beliefs.


Recordings of sessions

Email check-ins from me for extra support & questions you      may have.

4 x 30 min Distant Reiki Healing sessions

Discount on further extra coaching sessions

The Results

Have greater respect and deeper understanding of yourself

Trust yourself and your intuition

Self-love & self-compassion empowerment

Have increased energy and decreased anxiety

Sleep better than you have in years

Improved self-awareness