THE Self Acceptance PATH




Self Acceptance Path

Unapologetically This Is Who I Am, is a self exploration to get to know and accept yourself on a deeper level. Through a combination of inner journeys and self growth coaching you will put at end to rejecting yourself and start accepting and seeing yourself in a new light.

This 8 x 90 min bi-weekly coaching program is for you when you truly want to be seen but are afraid of others judging you as harshly as you judge yourself.

Are you ....

Exhausted with not feeling good enough, unlovable, inadequate, unworthy, ashamed or small?

Feeling emotional pain due to years of rejecting parts of yourself most of your life?

Ready to begin a relationship of self acceptance and experience love and freedom?


This whole idea that you always need to improve or "better" yourself before you can fully accept yourself, is truly an outdated and harmful belief and completely untrue. It's not about fixing you either.

And it certainly isn't helping if you try to avoid or ignore all the parts/aspects of you that you have rejected, loathed, or felt ashamed of.

Self acceptance happens through intentionally deciding and commiting to wanting to exchange self rejection for self acceptance. It involves peeling back the layers of conditioning that have been feeding unworthiness, negative self -talk, and your insecurities. It's getting to know and understand the depths of who you are, and learning why you do what you do from a place of self -compassion.

The cry we hear from deep in our hearts, comes from the wounded child within.

Healing this inner child’s pain will transform negative emotions.
- Thich Nhat Hanh

Each human has an inner world. An inner world in which different aspects of ourselves together create our personality. Every aspect of our personality can have a powerful influence in how we live out our lives. You will recognise these internal parts in yourself or with others when you feel or you hear another say “part of me really doesn’t want to do that right now” and “another part of me does.” Or maybe you find yourself making comments such as, “part of me is so fed up with that” or “part of me is sad knowing that.”

I want to be very clear..... having multiple parts of our SELF is by no way suggesting you have a multiple personality disorder (Dissociative Identity Disorder).

What I am suggesting is there are parts of you ( together all make up the whole of you) which have experienced life and thus have kind of have their own unique sets of memories.

The difficulties you often have as an adult is because the child apsect of SELF is still holding onto painful memories and experiences from your childhood. These parts of yourself need to be seen, understood, and accepted by you, to help you heal.

With healing you are more open to recieiving and living a more fullfiling life because you feel whole and are reconnected with your True Self.


Me and my work

Through my own journey and being a certified ICF, Inner dynamic and life coach, I know first hand how a lack of self acceptance holds you back in every area of life.

Confidence is dramitcally effected blocking you from truly reaching your full potential. You know however it doesn't have to be this way. You can choose to start accepting yourself and continue to grow your True Self.

Actually you will be amazed how much more resilient to critisim you become.


€ 1,200

Includes a 8 x 90 min bi weekly coaching sessions, an inner child work book + hypnosis, text/emial support and video recordings of the sessions.


8 x 90 min bi-weekly ZOOM CALLS ( 3 months)

Private coaching with Rachel G offers a safe and compassionate space to talk through your inner conflict, to deep dive into identifying the conflicting beliefs, and guide you to connecting with your inner truth and coaching to help you gain the clarity you need to make the right decision for you and take inspired action.


Personalized written action plan, my thoughts and feedback, mindfulness tools/exercises considered helpful for your continued self growth.

During the program direct support from Rachel via text message or email, to help you with processing and integrating the inner work and/or "stuff" that surfaces between the bi-weekly sessions.

Access of the session recording so you can rewatch and reflect on your own time.

Working with Rachel is very healing, it felt like I was taken out of darkness and brought back into the light.

"Before working with Rachel, I was having difficulties with setting boundaries and always feeling guilty if I chose for myself. It left me feeling powerless, mad at myself, inadequate, and shameful. I came across Rachel when researching online about boundaries. Her article really spoke truth to me and I decided to reach out to her.

Rachel has helped me find ways to love myself, including what I perceive as my flaws.

I was seeking a big change and shift in my life and with Rachel my experience has been more transformational than other previous experiences I have had. Every session helped me to address my blocks and challenges with boundaries. Learning to love myself in ways I hadn’t done before and to love all my emotions has helped me be brave, bold and motivated in taking on new and challenging tasks, which previously I would never have been able to overcome.

Today I am successfully enjoying Tango dancing with my husband, starting doing stand up comedy, and my work relationship with my boss, family, and friends have improved and I am more disciplined, believe more in myself and I don’t apologize as much as I used to".

Lizelle Gutierrez California

I see myself from a different perspective

"I am honored to have worked with Rachel. She's a steady and calm coach. I felt she connected with me in a deep way. Rachel helped me see myself from a different perspective that helps me understand myself better, and most importantly I was able to work more on building trust within myself. Experiencing inner dynamic coaching helped me get in touch with my feelings and how those feelings felt in my body. I also liked the visualization exercises where I was able to get in touch with my desires and the possibilities that are waiting for me. I no longer need to seek external validation as I give permission to myself to live a life that ‘s true for me. Rachel, thanks for being you"

Marian Villa- Blackman Finland

Empowered to llisten more to my heart and less to my head.

“Before coaching, I felt alone. Helpless with my struggles, slowly feeling I was slipping into a downward spiral of bad habits, lack of self-care and negative thinking. I was ashamed to share with anyone how I was feeling. Initially, I was hesitant and distant in the coaching but my trust grew with each session and especially after my real breakthrough. I realized how much I was ignoring my heart and getting caught up in my mind. I am thankful to Rachel, as I have made real progress in committing to myself and working on my thoughts. Rachel is not all sugar honey ice tea, she is honest and tough if necessary. This helped me feel like an accountable adult. I definitely will continue to work with Rachel. She is my safe anchor in case I slip off my path of self-improvement. Coaching allowed me to share my struggles, understand how my mind tricks me and experience the power of being disciplined in my actions. I feel re-empowered to love myself and not believe everything my mind is telling me! I would recommend Rachel to anyone caught up in negative thought patterns and wants to break out of this vicious circle!”

Kasia Kowalska, Luxeburg