Be brave, jump all in, and awaken to the powerful magnetic being that is within you!



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Hi there,

My guess for landing on this page is because you are looking to change or transform your life in some way or the other. Perhaps it is within an area of your life in which you feel stuck, or maybe you are feeling or have an emotion that you no longer wish to experience, or your have had enough of living under conditions that really are not fufilling you.

I am also guessing that you likely have tried to change these *things* in your life before, am I right?

Most likely you have invested time and energy into trying to transform yourself, but sooner or later have found yourself slipping back to your old ways and experiencing the same old habits you had really wanted to change in the first place!

Please know this - personal transformation is a journey of inner improvement and greater connection that is always moving you on from where you are currently at a pacce that is right for you.


"Listening to what makes you feel good and taking action upon it is heartcenterd self leadership" - Rachel G

Disconnccting from your false (protective) Self and connecting to your true self is going to make the biggest difference to your life across all areas. When connected to your truth, how you look at life changes. You see through a new lens givigng you a different perspective and life begins to truly shift for the better.

Instead of you living life from a limited place, you start tapping into something far greater and bigger than anything you ever thought you were.

The inner power of your true self wants to fully express it's uniqueness. Learning how to access this inner power helps you nurture your wholeness and in return life responds in many magical ways.

As I began really connecting with my true self, my life began to shift a little more every day, every week, month by month, year by year and continues to unfold.

However, when connected to the false self, you find yourself often stuck in the grips of your inner critic. It can feel as if a purpose driven life is something only to dream about for the never ending list of reasons keep flooding in to remind you why it's not possible! Not only is it frustrating, it creates enough self doubt that you procastinate on your true desires.

Maybe you are feeling you have outgrown you current job, have a desire to become a solopreneur, or you really want to move to another country, or leave a long-term relationship but each time you think about taking steps, your inner critic is there questioning your every step and you stop. The self-doubt sets in which leaves you feeling anxious and paralyzed when it comes to making any sort of decision because you FEAR making the wrong choice.

Don't you just wish you had the trust, faith, and the belief in yourself and your life, to be able to stay focused on your why, goals and priorities?

Your wish is fulfilled with the love your truth program!


Ultimately: growing into your unique expression is your responsibility!

Solution: Nurture your wholeness with Self Mastery!

I know you can release yourself from self-imposed limitations which you encase yourself in and I know you can unleash more of your true potential.  I know because I once was a victim, and a slave to my conditioning, in fact it was my daily experience. Not anymore, I am happy to say, now I love, know, and accept my truth which has changed how I approach and respond to life and to my business.

When you are looking to create a sustainable and purposeful driven life, you must ensure the roots of your life are strong, healthy and balanced. Meaning you need to be willing and ready to reconnect and access your true self. To build the life you desire will need you to step more often than not into the unknown, to move through fear and prepare yourself for the bumps along the way.

How do you wake up most days?

Do you wake up feeling ALIVE and SHINING, tapped into positive energies such as: Purposefulness, Empowerment, Joyful, and Gratefulness?

Or are you waking up feeling UNALIVE and GLOOMY, tapped into the negative energies such as: Tiredness, Irritability, Defeated, Miserableness, and Failure?

When you are disempowered, you feel like a victim. You have become a slave to your conditioning and to the programs and patterns that keep you from your true nature.

This victim mentality also creates negative energy in your body; a breeding ground for repressed emotions.

" Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage "Anäis Nin

BREAKING YOURSELF FREE FROM CONDTIONED SELF SLAVERY AND STEPPING INTO TRUE SELF MASTERY IS POSSIBLE ......however, simply thinking only positive thoughts is never going to get you there.

So what will? Good question!

Self-acceptance, getting to know more of who you are, self-compassion and listening to your inner wisdom

It's about energy alignment; harmonizing your thoughts, feelings, language and actions. When you take action to shift your perspective, you reeducate your mind, your awareness expands and your personal vibrational frequency rises. Your ability to attract into your life what you wish to manifest improves because now you are living in the flow of life rather than in resistant to it.


an authentic loving inner relationship with yourself?

Move beyond doubt, fears and insecurities

Ready to Stop ?

Struggling to break-free from the slavery of past patterns and programs

Judging and comparing yourself to others on a regular basis. Spinning your wheels trying to figure out what action to take next.

Overwhelmed and confused with all the noise in your head on what to do, how to do it, and who you need to be to become successful.

Exhausted from and drowning in the huge amounts of pressure you impose on yourself to get your business off the ground.

Disconnected from yourself and your intuition. Listening more to the opinions, advice and strategies of others, rather than to yourself.

Playing it small because that feels safer.

Take purposeful, courageous and inspired action

Ready to Start?

True self-mastery

Consciously choosing balance in being and doing, resting and taking action, leaning in and stepping back.

To know, accept and love yourself.

To be empowered, secure, and grounded.

Tapping into your inner resources and guidance.

Reeducate your inner critic to become more your inner coach.

Having more energy, inspiration and confidence as you go about your daily business.

Being seen and heard.

To take responsibility for creating the future you want.

The LOVE YOUR TRUTH program is for you when you want to…..

Connect and be a part of a small intimate and committed group of awakened curious souls, be seen and heard by yourself, as well as others.

Have a safe, non- judgmental, and compassionate space to explore your mind.

Have the benefits of group coaching/teaching, as well as one to one coaching sessions.

Have more than just information. You want transformation. To hold yourself aswell as the group accountable in taking action “growth” orientated steps.

Be an IG WARRIOR - Inner Growth Warrior.

Transform the resistant energies of must have, get and win, into flow energies of wanting to experience, give and play at life!

Hi, I'm Rachel!

I am a certified ICF coach, certified life coach, certified practitioner of hypnotherapy, belief clearing practitioner, and a reiki practitioner.

My mission is evolving personal wholeness through an authentic loving inner Self -relationship

My passion is encouraging humans to "Know thy Self" and develop "True Self Mastery"

My medicine is transforming inner worlds into loving, compassionate, safe and non-judgmental spaces.

My message is mastering inner self growth offers freedom, empowerment and wholeness.

Strongly rooted and grounded in yourself enables you to weather any storm personally and professionally.

Here are just a few of what my clients have to say about our time together...

'I highly recommend getting coaching from Rachel. Her natural abilities to listen deeply and to ask thought-provoking questions have helped me a lot. Her versatile coaching style has led me to eye-opening and powerful new insights"

Christine, UK

‘I was feeling very stuck on an issue in my personal life. Rachel as a very calm presence, so I found myself very quickly at ease with her. She is committed to helping you work through whatever challenges you are facing, while providing a safe and supportive environment in which to do it. The benefits have continued well beyond sessions. Thank you so much!

Sandra, New York

'Rachel is one truly amazing individual. She makes you feel right at home, safe and comfortable enough to open up and deal with your emotions and issues. Her calming and compassionate energy is lovely to work with and makes you feel hopeful and optimistic for the future. Rachel has given me immense strength to start opening my heart to others and start trusting myself.’

Debbie, Florida

‘I was feeling “stuck” and overwhelm consumed me every day. I needed to find peace and meaning again. Rachel has been a pure, authentic presence in my life these past months. I have felt safe to reveal my fears, insecurities and vulnerability without judgement. You have a gift and I have been touched and truly inspired by you! Please continue sharing that gift with others!’

Mel, San Francisco


This program is limited to a total of 10 solopreneurs.

8 x (2hr) group coaching calls

3 x one on one (2hr) coaching calls

1 x 90 min workshop - discovering your true nature

1 x After care follow up progress group call (2hr)

9 x Digitial PDF workbooks

4 x Mediteach recordings (meditations)

A support platform to receive weekly support and motivation, journal prompts and share experiences and have feedback from myself and your fellow likeminded soul group.


This is my signature one-on-one and group coaching hybrid program founded on my compasionate, non-judgmental and heart-centered approach to self mastery, habit + mindset transformation, authentic confidence and embodiment.

Using neuro-linguistic programming, mindfulness and meditation, a good dose of TLC, and an intimate group of like minded souls, this is a journey to help you.

It is a journey back home to yourself.

To remembering of your inner power.

A guide, a map to get to know yourself more deeply.

To learn how to use your fears as knowledge and inspiration instead of roadblocks.

To learn you how to use your past as stepping stones into your future of possiblities.

To learn you how to listen, honor and love your ego, inner child, shadow and critic instead of judging and resisting them with each and every thought.

This program helps you truly understand, celebrate and own all parts of yourself.

There is only one way to get there and that is to connect and master your true inner self!


1. Self Responsibility - understanding the power of your words, thoughts, emotions, and actions, setting and maintaining boundaries and spiritual sovereignty; integrating the seemingly seperated parts of self back together.

2. Self Observation - a process of watching yourself without judgement, letting disapproval thoughts and labels of good and bad pass by, non attachment, taking notice of what is happening within and without you with full honest awareness.

3. Self Love - trusting in self. Setbacks, roadblocks, heartache are met with compassion, acceptance, kindness, and understanding. When you have not been true or nice to yourself, there is forgiveness.

4. Self Expression - is revealing who you really are, distinguishing yourself from others, speaking your truth and embracing the entirety of who you are, including your weaknesses, flaws and shortcomings. Embraces every part of you, your best and worst aspects.



18 hours of live group coaching with Rachel-G, your Self Growth Coach.

6 hours of one on one personal coaching sessions

Discovering Your True Nature - Chinese Five Elements Workshop

Private FB group for you to share your stories, grow and integrate your new learnings.

The "Grow Me Kit"  - the 9 digital program workbooks, additional 'pick & mix' digital exercise sheets, 4 x mediteach meditations, Inner Dynamic Part Character Sketch, Inner World Self Coaching Guide.

TOTAL COST: €2,000


Session 1 - Group Session - Setting expectations on what inner self growth mastery is about and the 4 C's of transformation ( March 1st )

Session 2 - Group Session - The path of Emotional Agility and 10 guidelines for starting the journey of becoming real (March 15th)

Session 3 - 1-1 Session (1) - Present life assessment + values elicitation ( scheduled and taken before the the next group planned session)

Session 4 - Chinese Five Elements Workshop: discover your true nature and leverage it for self growth (April 5th)

Session 5 - Group Session - Future self focus: getting clear on who is your best and truest self (April 19th)

Session 6 - Group Session - Learn from the past: understanding how beliefs create our personal life story (May 3rd)

Session 7 - Group Session - How present is your past: examining how your limiting beliefs are impacting your present (May 17th)

Session 8 - 1-1 Session (2) - Personal topic of choice. (scheduled and taken before the next planned group session)

Session 9 - Group Session - Rewrite your story: lead and light your path ahead (May 31st )

Session 10 - Group Session - Rule Breaker: letting go and overcoming mindless assumptions and unhelpful though patterns (June 14th)

Session 11 - 1-1 Session (3) (scheduled and taken before the next planned group session)

Session 12 - Group Session - Maintaining forward motion: (June 28th)

FREE BONUS: AFTERCARE follow up group call (date to be determined) to check in on what is going well, what is challenging and what can you do differently.

F .A .Q

How do I know if this program is right for me?

Sign up for a Curiosity call! This part of the application process is so we can get curious and see if we are a good fit for each other. If you got this far on the page, there is a chance you are resonating with something I have shared. Trust that guidance and sign up for a call!

When are the group coaching calls? what if I can't make a few?

All group coaching calls are held biweekly. The program begins March 1st 2022. They will be held on Tuesdays afternoons from 16:00 - 18:00 CET /10:00 - 12:00 EST. These times are chosen to try and accomodate everyone's schedule depending where they live in the world.

All group coaching sessions are recorded and the link will be shared with you.

How much support will I get?

This is a intimate small group of 10 members only for a 4-month self growth program. The group is limited to 10 so everyone feels seen and heard. In addition to the monthly group coaching calls and the three one-on-one calls, you have access to the FB group where I shall be consistently checking -in with you throughout the program.

The video recordings, workbook activities, journal prompts, meditations and other resources will be posted in the FB group or sent directly to your email inbox.

Are there payment plans available?

This can be discussed in the curiosity call.

When we both agree the program feels like a good fit and you want in, can we discuss a payment plan option if it is required. Please only apply for a curiosity call if you finacially are able to invest in this program when considered a good fit for you.

I have a question that isn't listed here. Rachel, can you help?

Absolutely. Please email!